Lamar Summit Contracting Establishment (LSCE) is one of the Saudi Market Leaders providing special construction solutions, founded in 2009 based in Central Region, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to provide quality services to the civil engineering, architectural and construction field in the Kingdom.

Moreover, Lamar Summit team is one of the most qualified engineering staff working for design, search, propose and execute the most feasible construction solutions.

Lamar Summit Summit business is more concentrated at the central region of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Qassim, Hael and Al Jouf. At the present times, Lamar Summit has extended overall Saudi Arabia to have business in Western Province, Jeddah, Mekkah, Madinah, Yanbu and Rabigh. Also our existence reached Eastern Province to include Dammam, Khobar, Jubail, and Al Khafji, In Addition to projects in Southern Province at Jazan, Najran, Abha & Khamis Mushait .

To guarantee our continuous growth and success, we made a decision to specialize in a line of construction solutions business that serves a very vital and significant part of the construction projects which includes the Concrete Repair, Industrial Flooring, Waterproofing & Protective Coating, Joint Sealant as well as the Structural Strengthening.

Our Vision is always to introduce the new technologies and the most recent construction solutions to assure the delivery of the best service that meets the functionality of the construction project and comply with the expected life of structure.

We as Lamar Summit has been recognized as a high qualified applicator for the construction chemical materials presented by most of the international suppliers in the Saudi market such as: Fosam, BASF, SIKA, Sodamco, CMCI, CIC, DCP & Henkel.

Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting.

As Construction field constantly grows over the time, one of the most challenges is to provide high quality concrete, however, concrete always contains some problems that may appear while placing, shutter removal, or during the service function of the structure. We are specialized to advise what is the reason of failure or problem in addition to the best method for rehabilitation works such as: Concrete Patching, Crack Injection, Columns Jacketing, and Level Adjustment, in addition to the Cosmetic concrete Repairs

The real objective which we insist to deliver is to assure and restore the original performance of structural elements, and to give the permanent solution which suits the expected life of structure.

Industrial Flooring Works


Nowadays, regular maintenance of concrete floors becomes time and money consuming, since most industries are looking for permanent flooring solutions which requires less maintenance, Our Scope as LAMAR SUMMIT is not to provide the application of flooring materials only; but to guarantee that the client has chosen the most suitable solution that suits his requirements as well as the budget frame.

Car Parks, Hospitals, Gym Floorings , Food & Beverage areas and electrical substations are the main targeted scope of work, the provided systems varies from common epoxy paint, floor level adjustments systems using cementitious and/or Epoxy self-leveling & Trowel applied screed, Fast Setting MMA flooring to Polyurethane systems.

Waterproofing & Protective Coatings


Waterproofing& Protective Coatings is the most critical works at any structure,water infiltration causes major problems to a structure. Water damages a building structurally and reduces significantly the expected serviceability age of the structure by attacking the reinforcement steel.

LAMAR SUMMIT Scope is to assure the full protection of the structure against water and/or moisture attack, using high quality systems which have been tested over the years such as Bituminous, Cementitious, Epoxy, Poly-sulphide and Polyurethane systems.

Joints repair and Sealants


Both of Construction and Expansion Joints shall be treated and filled as per the design requirements to assure the structural performance of the construction and durability of the structure.
LAMAR SUMMIT  takes the choice to use Polyurethane, Silicone, Acrylic and Poly-sulphide as per the construction requirements, Joint Preparation, Filler Board Treatment, Backing Rods and Joint sealant shape are some of our experience fields.

Structural Strengthening

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer is one of the most recent technologies that are being developed as a structural solution to enhance the capacity of the structure for both live and dead loads.

LAMAR SUMMIT is an expert of the application of both types Carbon Fiber Sheets and Carbon Fiber Plates systems, the challenge that the Carbon Fiber systems should be installed very carefully to assure doing the required function as per the design requirement in addition to providing the required long-term warranty.